In recent weeks the strategy Horsham District Council would take to deliver their housing need has made the national press. Now, they have finally published a draft plan which is heading towards approval at Cabinet on 15th July 2021.

The published draft plan makes provision for 18,700 homes and associated infrastructure between 2021-2038. There has been much debate as to where homes should be provided and on first glance it would appear that they have had to allocate most sites available to them. Alongside existing permissions and allocations, windfall allowance and smaller new allocations, the so-called strategic sites include:

  a) At least 3,250 homes on Land West of Ifield
  b) At least 1,200 homes on Land West of Southwater
  c) At least 650 homes on Land East of Billingshurst
  d) At least 2,100 homes at Land at Buck Barn

Not only will these allocations be controversial because they are greenfield sites, but the Reg 19 plan has been published shortly after shortly after a number of communities have voted on neighbourhood plans and agreed significant allocations locally. On top of that, throw recent controversy around District Council owned land into the mix and watching this plan progress will, we are sure, be headline grabbing. 

The documents published to be taken to Cabinet can be found at and are also linked below.

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